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Criminal Nuggets

Jun 13, 2016

The May 2016 Illinois criminal case list is now available for download. There is one controversial DUI case here you don’t want to miss. The podcast round-up for this month is the month is 29 minutes 44 seconds long.



The Cases

Here are the top 12 criminal law cases from the Illinois court system (and one SCOTUC case) for May 2016. There were 28 published cases released this month.

For a brief summary of all the cases, make sure to download a copy the case list by clicking the orange bar above. For now, here is a quick overview:

1. People v. Guillermo

Hands down this is the most controversial case released this month. Are DUI defense attorneys crying foul over nothing or do they have a legitimate issue. See alsoEpisode 177 where Thomas Glasgow Explains Why DUI Lawyers Are Saying, “Court Got This All WRONG”Go to case.

2. People v. Swanson

This case is a credibility contest between defendant’s wife and the police. Check it out to see who the judge believed. Go to case.

3. People v. Hernandez

Illinois Supreme Court puts to bed this proportionate penalties challenge revolving around the proper definition for “dangerous weapon.” Go to case.

4. People v. Billups

Defense counsel is ineffective for allowing the trial judge to commit trial error. Just when you think we all have People v. Aguilar etched in our brains… Go to case.

5. In re H.L.

Judge fails to say these “magic words” which leads to a reversal. Go to case.

6. People v. Walsh

Defendant takes a creative approach to interpreting the gun add-on section. Reviewing court has to really look at exactly what factors are appropriate to consider when applying the 20 to life term. Go to case.

7. People v. Warren

Another fines and fees case! But maybe you want to take a look at this one because it involves a drug case. Don’t we all have a drug case? Go to case.

8. People v. Smith

Can you believe it? This is another medical doctor-sexual assault case. We had one last month as well! This time the issue deals with determining the appropriate statute of limitations. Go to case.

9. Foster v. Chatman 

This is the SCOTUS case. See how the initial “B” tanked the case for the prosecution. Clarence Thomas was the lone dissent in this successful Batson challenge made by the defense. Go to case.

10. People v. Diggins

State has confrontation clause issues when they try to use a certified letter from the State Police saying the defendant did not have a valid FOID card. Do prosecutors have to rethink how they approach these gun cases? Go to case.

11. People v. Boston

Interesting question. Is it ever legal for an inmate to possess a shank in prison? Go to case.

12. People v. Gray

The definition of “house hold member” is unconstitutionally applied to this defendant. The case describes the unique fact pattern that lead to the reversal of this domestic violence conviction. Go to case.

13. People v. Coto

It is settled. Defendant has a right to the reasonable assistance of counsel in a postconviction petition when he is appointed counsel AND when he contracts and hires his own private attorney. Go to case.


Hey, if you want to check out a brief summary of all 29 of the published Illinois criminal law cases for May 2016 just hit the banner below: