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Kane County Nuggets

Jan 30, 2015

Illegal search and seizure results after a cop pulls a gun on a lady. If the officer had a reason to be so aggressive, he certainly did not articulate it for the record. In a hearing on a defense motion to suppress, failure of the officer to...

Jan 27, 2015

Serious possible prosecutorial misconduct is being litigated in the Third Distrcit, but there appears to be a definite discovery violation. Podcast Episode 047 of the Criminal Nuggets Podcast discusses a case where the issue at hand involves weather...

Jan 22, 2015

The Illinois controlled substance act determines a person’s sentence depending on the weight of “any substance containing cocaine”. In podcast episode 046 of the Criminal Nuggets Podcast, I discuss a case involving a stipulation...

Jan 20, 2015

I created a mini Illinois case law review 2014. As you know, I have been reading, summarizing, and reporting on Illinois criminal case law for the entire year in 2014.

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I took the liberty to create a case list featuring the top 10 lawyer mistakes cited in 2014 Illinois...

Jan 16, 2015


The Impossibility Defense is an affirmative defenses that must be raised in the first instance by the accused. The burden shifts to the State when the issue is first raised. [powerpress] Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS

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