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Kane County Nuggets

Apr 28, 2015


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Police officer conuducts a police dog sniff around a car after the business of the traffic stop was over. Was this legal or illegal?


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See Rodriguez v. United States, Doc. No. 13-9972 (04/21/2015).



Does the Fourth Amendment...

Apr 22, 2015

Testimonial statements under Crawford have a simple rule. The person making the statement must be in court and available for cross-examination.


See People v. Barner, 2015 IL 16949 (04/16/2015). The Illinois Supreme Court sheds some light on whether or not the prosecutors must have each and every DNA analysts...

Apr 16, 2015


Was there improper wintess vouching? This was the question after the prosecutor told the jury he “checked out” his witness’s story?


Don’t Use the First Person “I”  


As a prosecutor I was always taught never say the word “I” in closing argument. Any references to my personal beliefs or to...

Apr 4, 2015

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