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Kane County Nuggets

Nov 15, 2019

Residential Burglary In Illinois

In Illinois residential burglary is class 1 felony. The crime is defined by statute this way:

A person commits residential burglary when he or she knowingly and without authority enters or knowingly and without authority remains within the dwelling place of another, or any part thereof,...

Nov 12, 2019

Episode 698 (Duration 29:54). Attorney Michael Wepsiec of Murphosboro, Illinois deconstructs the custodial sexual misconduct criminal law statute.


In This Episode...

"'Hey I'm on parole, date me.' No body says that." -- Michael Wepsiec

Attorney Michael Wepsiec

Attorney Michael Wepsiec has over 34 years of...

Nov 8, 2019

Illinois v. Caballes, 543 U.S. 405 (2005). SCOTIS Notice (Duration 1:43)

This is the SCOTUS case that set the framework for the use of drug dogs in the United States.

People v. Caballes on police drug dogs

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This opinion normalized the use of drug dogs by police departments during traffic stops. The case concluded that police don't need a...