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Kane County Nuggets

Oct 27, 2014

Prior bad acts evidence, also called other crimes evidence, is when the State is allowed to tell the jury in a criminal trial about your prior criminal history. Podcast Episode 023 of the Criminal Nuggets Podcast involves prior bad acts that were admitted in a sex case.  Usually, the law prevents this from happening.

Oct 23, 2014


Juvenile court sentencing in Illinois has just received a more level playing field. Episode 022 of the Criminal Nuggets Podcast mentions how not to long ago, an accused minor in juvenile court could only receive court supervision if the prosecution “Ok'd”...

Oct 20, 2014

A police interrogation in murder case is not recorded in Podcast Episode 021 of the Criminal Nuggets podcast. So what happens in Illinois when the video recorder breaks down and the interrogation is not recorded?

This is exactly what happened in People...

Oct 16, 2014

What is reasonable doubt? In Podcast Episode 020 of the Criminal Nuggets Podcast, Evan Bruno lays out great insight gained from serving as a jury foreman. Reasonable doubt is finally demystified. Evan is an attorney who blogs about the law at and is a regular contributor to the Chicago Daily Law Bullitin.

Oct 13, 2014

In trying to defeat ineffective assistance of counsel claim, am I teaching attorneys how to get away with being ineffective? Of course not.

It is in a defendant’s best interest that all the parties involved know and apply and the law if...