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Kane County Nuggets

Feb 18, 2020

In Episode 738 (Duration 35:06) Illinois attorney Daniel Epstein sat down with the Criminal Nuggets Podcast and told us about his vision for the Illinois Supreme Court.

In This Episode…

“These rules people don’t think about very much actually have a real impact on our substantive rights and whether we find truth...

Feb 12, 2020

People v. Hill, 2019 IL App (4th) 180041 (January). Episode 584 (Duration 16:08)

Officer sees passenger riding low in the seat and he thinks it may be a guy wanted on warrant, turns out it wasn’t him.


Defendant was the driver of the car. The State charged him with unlawful possession of a substance containing...

Feb 3, 2020

People v. Shoevlin, 2019 IL App (3d) 170258 (January). Episode 583 (Duration 11:04)

Serious double jeopardy concerns are raised when the judge declares a mistrial in this domestic battery case.


In this trial for domestic battery the defendant is a women.

She is accused of choking, scratching, and hitting her...