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Kane County Nuggets

Jan 29, 2020

People v. Relwani, 2019 IL 123385 (January). Episode 582 (Duration 10:18)

Defendant needed to say something about the private nature of the Walgreen’s parking lot.

Here’s the lower court opinion.

People v. Relwani, 2018 IL App (3d) 170201 (February). Episode 471 (Duration 7:01)


Defendant was charged with...

Jan 8, 2020

Episode 724 (Duration 33:57). Chicago defense attorney Peter Lewis explains what a litigant can do when their criminal discovery is missing the police body cam video.

In This Case...

The State's Attorney's position is if they didn't get it from the police then it doesn't exist.

Attorney Peter Lewis

Am I Entitled...