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Criminal Nuggets

Nov 28, 2014

Arizona v. Gant Update: The  Illinois Supreme Court in People v. Cregon Has Made a Search of Your Luggage Much Easier After a Search Incident to Arrest

Criminal defense attorney Samuel Partida, Jr.

Arizona v. Gant was the landmark decision by the Supreme Court which prevented police officers from searching the contents of a car after the arrest of the driver. The Illinois Supreme Court Decision, People v. Creagon, released on February 21, 2014 has now altered the landscape on searches incident to arrest.

  • Samuel Partida, Jr. discusses the facts of this case,
  • reviews the body of case law leading to this case,
  • summarizes the defense argument,
  • summarizes the prosecution argument,
  • discusses the court ruling, and
  • leaves practicing attorneys with a final take away for their practice.

Busy criminal law litigators have got to take the less than 25 minutes necessary to get up to speed on this development! Anyone else who just wants to educate themselves, will certainly find interesting knowledge in this podcast.

These are the cases discussed:



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