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Criminal Nuggets

Aug 14, 2018

These are the top 13 most important criminal law cases released by Illinois Supreme Court in 2017. Episode 522 (Duration 37:42)

2017 Top 13 Illinois Criminal Law Cases Released By The Illinois Supreme Court

Here's a quick snapshot of the top cases:

1. People v. Holmes

Illinois Supreme Court adopts the federal rule in holding that gun arrests before Aguilar are supported by probable cause.

2. People v. Brooks

Defendant is taken to the hospital kicking and screaming literally against his will and his blood is drawn.

3. People v. Way 

This was the appellate court decision that reversed the aggravated DUI conviction.

4. People v. Hardman

Is is sufficient for a couple officers to testify they are familiar with the neighborhood and that the building is a school?

5. People v. Fort

Illinois Supreme Court says State must charge second degree murder if they want to continue with adult sentencing after they lose a first degree murder count.

6. People v. Ayres

What does defendant have to say to trigger a Krankel inquiry?

7. People v. Shinaul

State is not allowed to reinstate charges after Defendant vacates an invalidated Aguilar AUUW conviction.

8. People v. Howard

Illinois Supreme Court upholds the constitutionality of anti loitering statute for sex offenders.

9. People v. Pearse

Illinois Supreme Court acknowledges that SORA is a big bloody mess and calls for legislative clarification and police practice changes.

10. People v. Sebby

Supreme Court explains how plain error analysis works.

11. People v. Brown

Defendant plead guilty because he was told his sentence was a 50% case when in fact it was an 85% case.

12. People v. Relerford

Just a small part of the Illinois stalking statute was declared unconstitutional.

13. People v. Ringland

Prosecutors cannot designated officials with general policing power.