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Criminal Nuggets

Oct 4, 2016

Podcast Episode 240 (Duration 18:51) of the Criminal Nuggets features the September 2016 criminal case list. There were 39 published cases dealing with criminal law issues. My case list summarizing these decisions was 35 pages long!

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Don’t worry if you didn’t get to them. Listen to the audio round-up and download your copy of the case list to peruse when you find the time.

Download Your Copy of The September Case List

September 2016 Case List
(Now Available)

Download the most recent Illinois monthly case list. Give yourself a head start and stay current with the cases. Who has time to read all the cases? Download this quick summary and get up to speed in no time.

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If you can spare approximately 19 minutes, you can easily get caught up with the top 10 September cases for 2016. Here's a quick snapshot of what you missed:

1. People v. Reyes

The reason why the Illinois Supreme Court finally said de facto life sentences for juvenile offenders are unconstitutional...was it because they were brave or the only logical thing to do? Go to case.

2. People v. Valdez

How the Illinois Supreme Court has paired back Kentucky v. Padilla...this means less Illinois attorneys will be ineffective. Go to case.

3. People v. Cherry

If armed violence cannot be predicated on an offense that makes the possession or use of a dangerous weapon either an element of the base offense or an aggravated or enhanced version of the offense then why can aggravated battery be an appropriate predicate offense? After, all aggravated battery use of a firearm is a Class X while aggravated battery great bodily harm is only a Class 3. Go to case.

4. People v. O’Neal

A sneaky little way the prosecution can abuse the felony murder rule. Go to case.

5. People v. Lubienski

WARNING. The police can stop you if your tire touches a traffic lane just once. How the hell else can they figure out what the heck you are up to? Go to case.

6. People v. Theus

Remember Heien v. North Carolina? SCOTUS said police can justify a traffic stop even if they are mistaken about the traffic law only if the law itself is ambiguous. Wrong! Even completely unambiguous traffic laws may be used to justify an error by the police. Go to case.

7. People v. Nesbit

The simple fact is that you can be found ineffective for not revoking your client’s bond fast enough. Go to case

8. People v. Lucious

Do you confuse conspirator statements in furtherance of a conspiracy with the Bruton rule prohibiting hearsay from a coconspirator? Does it seem like one rule allows what the other prohibits? Listen to the podcast to see how we straighten it all out. Go to case.

9. People v. Tate

Why bond call judges might be systematically committing reversible error...especially if you file an SOJ. Go to case.

10. People v. Buckhanan

This father and son attorney duo run independent law firms. See how this murder defendant gets a new trial because of that. Go to case.

Before You Go...

The hard work has already been done for you. To get your hands on the September 2016 Illinois criminal case list just click the orange button below.

September 2016 Case ListDownload the most recent Illinois monthly case list. 

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