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Criminal Nuggets

May 19, 2016

Part II With Thomas Glasgow | What To Tell Your Clients About What Can Happen When Things Go Wrong With Conceal and Carry


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Joint the Premium Nuggets Podcast.


In part II of this discussion on the illinois conceal and carry law we jump much deeper into advising clients on what can happen when things go terribly wrong.

Obviously, the point here is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Thomas really walks us through the dark side and enlightens us on important factors we likely have not even considered.

In Part II Thomas Explains…

✓ There is a range of crimes you may be exposed to ranging from least serious to the most serious of all.

✓ What happens if you violate the “conceal” part of conceal and carry.

✓ Pulling it out can be considered an assault?

✓ Conceal and carry is not “conceal, carry, & fire,” what happens when the weapon is actually fired.

✓ The range and types of charges associated with aggravated discharge

✓ What kind of liability your exposed to for “accidental” discharges.

✓ What it means when the law says that “bullets follow their intent”.

✓ Why you should know your backstops.

✓ When things really go wrong a conceal and carry permit won’t immune you from a murder charge.

✓ That 45-60 years can be really sobering.

✓ Why it may pay off to talk to an attorney before you get your permit and before things go wrong.

✓ What types of self defense claims will and won’t be available for you when you get arrested for an incident that involved your gun that you had a permit to carry.

✓ When it comes to preventing a forcible felony minding your own business may be the way to go.

✓ Defense of another should be limited to only some very specific type of people.

✓ Defending yourself also comes with its own complicated considerations.

✓ That when you shoot someone they always turn out to be the next Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa.

✓ With his own real life examples situations where things went terribly wrong.

✓ When your right to self defense dissipates and disappears.

✓ That when you're carrying being the calmest guy in the room is going to help you in court.

✓ What you should do in those moments immediately after an event. (Seriously, you need to think about this way before anything actually happens so that when and if it does you are following a known protocol.)

✓ Securing your scene is not just a tv thing; there are serious reasons why you’ll want to do this.

✓ What to say when you pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1.

Why a description of yourself & and what you look like may save your life.

✓ The only certainty after an event is that you ARE GOING TO GET ARRESTED; there is no “conceal and carry” get out of jail card. (The point is that Thomas really walks us through the process and prepares you for what happens after the handcuffs go on.)

✓ What should you say and not say during your interrogation.