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Kane County Nuggets

Sep 14, 2017

Criminal Law Attorney Shady Yassin in Episode 390 (Duration 20:45describes how he's making his way as a criminal law attorney in Illinois.

Illinois Attorney Shady Yassin

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In This Episode

"It was a cool thing that our friendship merged into a business partnership and it was one that became stronger..." -- Illinois Attorney Shady Yassin.

Attorney Shady Yassin

Shady Yassin is a former Cook County Public Defender 711 Intern.  

He's been licensed since 2010, and currently is a partner at Abdallah Law located in Tinley Park, Illinois.

In This Episode:

 Discover how a first generation Palestinian American finds himself in a firm with other first generation Palestinian Americans.  You'll be surprised to learn Shady's parents started out in Puerto Rico.

✓ Ever wonder if the Illinois criminal justice system is welcoming to Muslims? What happens to the daily prayer requirement when you're in the middle of a trial? 

On Shady's first day as a 711 for the Cook County Public Defender he was the only one of his kind. As a test he was asked to go into the lock-up to talk to a pretty intimidating defendant. It was a test. Listen in to see if Shady past the test.  

"Everybody who is not an attorney is telling me, 'Oh, why are you trying to do criminal defense? There's no money there. Why don't you do business? Why don't you do corporate?' That's all I heard."

Any government sector lawyer with the tiniest thought of going "private" needs to see what Shady means when he talks about the "hustler mentality". Shady has some wise advice on receiving other's advice; we can all benefit from this tip.

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