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Kane County Nuggets

Aug 23, 2016

July was the month that pro se defendant, Steven Geiler, lost his case. He gave us all quite a ride. What are you gonna do? Welcome to the club Geiler. You work your butt off in a case and just like that you go right back to where you started. This is Episode 214 (Duration 14:39)

July 2016 Illinois Criminal Case List

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There were, of course, other cases. Here's what the courts were up to in July:

Illinois Supreme Court

1. People v. Geiler

Pro se guy who was able to convince the trial judge to dismiss his speeding ticket because of a Rule 552 violation. He then wins at the appellate level. Then he takes it to the Illinois Supreme Court. He argues his own case, and there the court tells him a little police incompetence ain't so bad. Where's your prejudice? Go to case.

Other Lower Reviewing Courts

2. People v. Taylor

This case involved a nonconsensual PBT (preliminary breath test). You ever wonder what a nonconsensual PBT looks like? Man, it ain't pretty. Hit play to find out what happened. Go to case.

3. In re L.W.

This case involves the type of super niche knowledge few prosecutors keep track of. A defense attorney who has this principle in mind can really benefit their client. Hint: It has to do with receiving a good chunk of credit for time served. Go to case.

4. People v. Zambrano

Trial counsel was found to be ineffective here for not ensuring a certain jury instruction was given. Now, the rest of know to look for this and won't miss it in our cases. Go to case.

5. People v. Burhans

This involved an expert forensic nurse testifying for the state. Anytime an expert gets up they pretty much can say anything they want right? WRONG! Trial courts are really reining in some opinions. Go to case.

6. People v. Evans

The number one source of trial error popped up again. This time it was bad. Everyone, I mean everyone just trips over themselves trying to explain the error or lack of error. Go to case


Don't waste your precious summer evenings sifting through cases that may never even help you.

I've done all the work for you. To get your hands on the July Illinois criminal case List just click the image.