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Kane County Nuggets

Sep 17, 2016

Now, before you judge this you have to listen to the entire plan.

We take judges, prosecutors and police and figure out a way to string ‘em up – that’s right string ‘em all up

…and suspend them in the air.

I’m telling you, there is technology out there that would allow us to do this pretty easy actually a simple crane or bungee cord would do the trick.

Not like a piñata. They’d have to be horizontal, “Mission Impossible” style.

Then we put a miniature copy of the constitution underneath them.

I don’t think they’d need to be up there for too long. A few minutes should do the trick.

We bring ‘em down and debrief them.

I think you may find these individuals may have a new respect for our nation’s laws and the system they have sworn to honor and protect.

I’m telling you this could work.

You see, there is something called the “overview effect” – this is an actual real thing – it’s described as a physical reality that leads to a philosophical enlightenment.

You’re probably thinking: “Say what?”

Astronauts who have been in space, way above the earth, report this euphoric effect from seeing the earth below them. Many say their perspective changed when they looked down. They felt a more fragile sphere below them. Somehow new truths were revealed; vulnerability, inter-connectedness, beauty, all were seen and felt for the first time.

More importantly, when they got back to earth they felt inspired to protect it.

Often former astronauts become environmental activists, tree-huggers, humanitarians and overall do-gooders.

They feel compelled to act, working to solve global problems.

See what I mean?

Imagine when we pull down the judges, prosecutors and police officers who we’ve suspended way up over the constitution – imagine a world where judges, prosecutors and police perceive a fragile, vulnerable constitution.

They’ll just want to protect it!

Well, I say it’s worth a try right?

It’s way cheaper than sending an astronaut into space, that’s for sure.

I have other ideas about our criminal justice system. These other ones are more boring though. They don’t come from space or astronauts, just from the case law.

To do your part check out my cases lists by jumping over to

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Right away.