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Kane County Nuggets

Sep 2, 2016

The August 2016 Illinois criminal case list weighed in 30 published cases. Don't worry if you didn't get to them. Listen to audio round-up and download your copy of the case list. This is Episode 220 (Duration 31:14).

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All you have to do is three things to know you've mastered the August cases: (1) listen to episode 220 which is about 30 minutes long, (2) download the case list and pursue at your own leisure, and (3) join the Premium Nuggets and stop messing around.

Here are the...

Top 10 from the August 2016 Illinois Criminal Case List

1. People v. Franklin

Police overstepped this consent search of a hotel room. They find weed for sure and arrest defendant for that, but a search incident to arrest is no longer a free pass to search everythingGo to case.

2. People v. Williams

Police say to defendant, "Come over here?" What do you think? Was he seized at that moment? Go to case.

3. People v. Tates

The single most frequent error trial judges are making with search warrant cases. It has to to do with constructive possession. Go to case.

4. People v. Carey

This has to be what can only be described as the world's worst armed robbery of an armored car. Short of getting himself killed it couldn't get any worse for this defendant.  Go to case.

5. People v. Olivieri

The SNSR defense was invented by police who found themselves in a little trouble. This defendant is able to beautifully apply it to his own criminal defense...and he wins! Go to case.

6. People v. Garner

 The most frequently overlooked and forgotten rule of evidence that can be employed by the defense just can't get any respect. Are litigators astutely staying clear of this thing or do they just don't know about it? Go to case.

7. People v. Fountain

The reason why this defendant was convicted even though there was shaky DNA evidence, unreliable cell phone evidence, and a less than perfect 4 second observation by an eyewitness probably has to do with a lottery ticket. Go to case.

8. People v. Jones 

What issue should never be appealed in a criminal law case. Knowing a little latin would have saved this defendant a whole bunch of anguish. Go to case.

9. People v. Arbuckle

The secret to avoiding a double enhancement in aggravated battery sentences. This won't work in a murder sentencing. Go to case.

10. People v.  Romanowski

WARNING - "The Warning To Motorist" cannot be discussed in front of the jury in one appellate district...seems to be cool in the rest of them. Go to case.


Don't waste your time sifting through cases, I've already done all the work for you. 

To get your hands on the August 2016 Illinois criminal case list just click the image below.