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Kane County Nuggets

Nov 3, 2017

Episode 412 (Duration 37:05) 

What's it take to become an Illinois state judge? 

Scott J. Frankel candidate for Cook County 11th Subcircuit Judge

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In This Episode

"Always have integrity when you walk into the courtroom because the judge you're in front of may be one of the deciding votes in your campaign for associate judge." -- Scott J. Frankel

"If you're thinking of running for circuit court judge you need people, you need a committee, you can't do it by yourself." -- Tony Sasson

Scott J. Frankel

Scott J. Frankel is running for judge in the 11th Subcircuit of Cook County.

He is an Illinois attorney in federal and state court. He has experience in civil law, criminal law, state court, federal court, appeals, and has appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court.

In this 37 minute session, Scott J. Frankel, explains the process and procedure to become an Illinois state judge.

Tony Sasson

Tony Sasson is also an Illinois attorney and campaign manager for Scott J. Frankel.

(312) 977-9050

(224) 723-2040

"Can't Miss" Moments:

✓ Interested in being a judge some day? You'll have to know the real differences between being an associate judge and circuit judge. (Go to 3:47), (Go to 29:15) & (Go to 30:22)

✓ There's an "application" for some judicial positions. The things you're doing today will effect what goes on that application tomorrow. What can you do now to position yourself for a strong judicial candidacy? (Go to 5:03) & (Go to 9:44)

✓ Winning the vote: Lawyers may have to run a different kind of "campaign". A campaign that seeks to woo other judges. (Go to 6:05)

✓ Where do the lawyer ratings ("not qualified", "qualified", and "highly qualified") come from? (Go to 7:22)

✓ Why you don't want to play dirty or dishonorably even with your less ethical adversaires. (Go to 9:44)

✓ What your colleagues and attorneys down in the trenches talk about when they're discussing future judges. (Go to 11:17)

✓ Thought a full circuit position is what you wanted? Just know that full circuit judges have to run a full electoral and political campaign with all the bells and whistles. (Go to 12:15)

✓ The differences between a sub-circuit election and a county wide judicial election. (Go to 13:07)

✓ BE CAREFUL: Judicial candidates running a full fledged electoral campaign for circuit judge can't run a traditional political campaign. You have to be careful you are following the special rules created for judicial candidates. (Go to 19:05) & (Go to 28:05)

 ✓ The truth about how much money it costs to run for judge. (19:57) & (Go to 26:12)

"Young attorneys should be willing to talk to judges about their experiences on the bench and what route did they take to get the position. It doesn't matter what county you're in. There's always a certain amount of insight the judges can give you about the process in that county." -- Scott J. Frankel (Go to 31:35) 

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